Driver training for sustained fuel savings – for fleets

We only work with fleets, here is a short video if you want to know how to save fuel in the car you have now.

Fuel costs are rising and eating your profits: ecodriving delivers sustained savings of 5-10% with existing drivers and vehicles. No vehicle modifications needed.

ecodrive results graph
Results of 2.5 hour ECOdrive course before (assessment) and after (ECOdrive) with normal traffic and Irish road conditions.

ECOdrive delivers sustained savings, by focusing on fuel efficiency as the key operator training within a structured approach to energy management e.g. within ISO50001 or ECOfleet(tm).

The benefits:

  • Savings of 5-20% on the day, average of 5-10% in practice
  • Less stressed, more relaxed and productive driving for your employees
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles, leading to higher residual values
  • Cost effective: ECOdrive pays for itself with 250-350 litres saved

Increased profit

  • Saving 10,000 litres puts up to € 12,000 on your bottom line.

Reduced carbon footprint

A company vehicle driver can cut your carbon footprint by 1 tonne, just by saving 380L of diesel, or €450 at € 1.20 per litre.