Before you start:

  • To see the benefits of ECOdrive, the fleet must have a fuel measurement and reporting system in place.
  • To sustain the benefits in fuel cost and emissions savings, you need to give drivers feedback.
  • If you have any doubts about the above or need help updating existing fuel systems, please use our ECOfleet service.

Our commitment

  • Our certified instructors will arrive on time, with their own PPE.
    • Bring laptop with workshop presentation.
    • Conduct one-to-one driving session with each driver for 1.5 or 2.5 hours (as agreed)
  • Give employer and driver a copy of results sheet (before & after) upon completion (using 3 part form and online app to generate certificate)
  • Post ECOdrive certificate, to be presented to driver
  • Provide results summary in format to suit you

Your Company commitment

  • Provide a meeting room for drivers. Off-site workshops available on request.
  • Each driver’s regular vehicle to be fit for purpose, roadworthy and insured:
    • Drivers eyesight, licence and insurance will be checked
    • Oil, water, tyres, lights, brakes and fuel will be checked
  • Each driver to carry small cash amount for refuelling e.g. €10.00 or access to the fleet refuelling pump on or off-site.

Call 01 230 5018 if you have any queries or email